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  • Becoming a member of CDTC



    Active membership in the Capital Dog Training Club (CDTC) is available to an individual over eighteen (18) years of age who:

    • has completed no less than three (3) months as a training member paying the prescribed dues, and
    • whose dog has passed a Proficiency Test as prescribed by the Club with a dog that she or he has trained or has obtained a qualifying score toward an AKC title in any “dog companion sport” trial.


    Active membership includes the right to attend meetings, vote, access to the Members Only section of CDTC’s website, access to seminars, events, announcements of the Club, the right to hold an elective office in the Club, all other privileges and benefits of the Club, and 2 free classes per quarter. Juniors are also welcome to apply, see Membership Coordinator for details. (current fee $150/adult member)



    If you have completed 3 months as a Training Member and wish to become a member, please contact the Training Secretary to start your application and to arrange a proficiency test (if needed).